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There are certain times in hip-hop's illustrious history when a specific geographical area dominates the genre, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and now Saint Louis.  With a unique style that's sure to gain a national audience with her sublime combination of skills, artistry and outright beauty, Eisha (you might want to put that name in your hip-hop mental rolodex now), you'll get some bump, a little grind, some hood and a whole lot of wiggle.  But before you mistake Eisha as just another pretty face impersonating a rapper, don't get it twisted.  Her versatile skills are more comparable to that of an emcee than a mere commercial rapper.  Eisha (pronounced:  I-ee-sha) is ready to expand the hip-hop game.  Whether spittin' flows to the distinctive beats and scratches of a DJ or rhyming to the accompaniment of a live band, Eisha gives audiences what they're looking for from a hip-hop artist:  someone who can excite and move the crowd in ways that echo the days of the old-school party emcee yet has the lyrics and style that is realistically posted in the present.  "I think my music is different from everything out here now," Eisha says. "Like my style and the way I flip verses and things are different.  I'm very eclectic when it comes to music, so in my music, I try to use some of my love for different types of music and mix it in with hip-hop." 

Music has always been a part of Eisha's life.  Born and raised in St. Louis, Eisha (née Tireney 'EISHA' Powell) focused on drama and dance in her formative school years and most of her life.  She grew up with a love for theatre and film and even majored and minored it in school.  It wasn't until Willie 'JL' Woods, her platinum producer, insisted that she get into a recording booth late one night.  "I was just playing around and I started free styling and he recorded it and when I came out the booth he told me I was hot, and every since then I have perfected my craft and have try to become the best that God allows me to be."  Through the course of time, Eisha has gone the extra mile sharpening her rhyming skills by performing with a live band all over the United States.  The performance with DRZHiVEGAS (Dr. Zhivegas) have been known to completely energize the audiences who have witnessed Eisha commanding the stage.  "She gives such a show on stage until its breathtaking. I love it and I don't even like rap music," says Eisha's mother, Virgie Stafford.  Says Eisha, "I feel privileged to be performing with a live 10-piece band, I get to do something that most artist haven't had the chance to do yet." 

Eisha's performances have caught the attention of the nation scene.  Kool & the Gang had enlisted Eisha's vocals for several recordings on long awaited album Still Kool, as we as to tour with them on many dates.  She completed a single entitled Wiggle, with funk legend Bootsy Collins.  The single has been as well received that film producer Jerry Bruckheimer used the song in his prime time Fox series Skin.  Eisha has collaborated with many Saint Louis artist.  She has also performed all over the United States, and has even did a whole entire week in Disney World to help them celebrate their anniversary.  Eisha expects to take her music all the way to the top.  "I support everybody because I personally know this game is hard," Eisha says.  "I think that I can definitely make it with God and a loving family behind me."  So get ready to feel the vibe, energy and flow of Eisha.  She's destined to be the next platinum selling artist from Saint Louis.

-or- Sample from: Kool & the Gang: Still Kool - Livin' In The 21 MP3



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